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About us


Our Aim
TO HELP STUDENTS from all backgrounds and all ages, with prior experience, specific qualifications, to complete the course of their choice successfully. Primarily the basic Qualification for each course is Intermediate at least, but a candidate with higher education is always preferred.

To be an outstanding and pioneer Institute in Distance Learning Education.

IPED Islamabad is an Innovative and Pioneer College committed to making DISTANCE LEARNING EDUCATION accessible to everyone regardless of Age, Qualifications, Sex, Marital Status, or Location and our students really do come from a variety of backgrounds, Affordable, Professional Diplomas / Associate Degree Programs.
At your own pace At your own Schedule 
At your own place At your own Convenience

To improve the well-being of individuals and organizations through High Quality Education Material and Proper Coaching.
Strategic Objective
To realize this, IPED Islamabad will: 
1.Promote the Development of Knowledge and Skills to meet the needs of the Local Economy and Wider Community. 
2.Attend the Needs of Local Learners. 
3.Work with Local Stakeholders to Increase Ability. 
4.Promote Opportunities which improve the well being of Individuals. 
5.Support & Develop all Associates

1.A commitment to enhance Distance Learning Education. 
2.A disciplined exploration of ideas. 
3.Rational discourse, clear thinking, & articulate self expression. 
4.Appreciation for intellectuals 
5.Spirit of Global awareness & responsibility. 
6.Fostering International understanding through mutual cooperation among all students.

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Institute of professional Education & Development